Stopping on the road with an RV

According to Italian traffic law, a camper or trailer is considered a motor vehicle and as such is subject to the same laws as all other motor vehicles. Wherever a car may stop or pull over you can park an RV as long as it obeys all the requirements listed in Article 185 of the Italian traffic law which states: “An RV is allowed to stop anywhere on the road and it will not be considered camping as long as the vehicle is supported off the ground by its tires, does not discharge any fluids except those generated by the motor and does not occupy an excessive amount of space”.

In other words, in Italy when a camper is parked in a public parking lot it may not do any of the following:

  • Position its leveling system or lower its stabilizing jacks.
  • Have its windows or door open or electric stairs deployed.
  • Discharge wastewater tanks.
  • Position exterior equipment (tables, chairs, awnings, etc…)

It is also mandatory to:

  • Park within the designated lines of a parking space.
  • Empty wastewater in designated discharge points (not in public restrooms)

It is also customary to:

  • Respect signage and only park in designated areas for RVs and not use other parking spaces reserves for cars.
  • Do not obstruct traffic movement in any way or interfere with commercial activities.
  • RVs must not damage the environment in any way or disrupt urban traffic or violate zoning laws.


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